Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is this numbing feeling?

It's strange because this is yet another feeling that is hard to describe. In two days, I make the mark of being in China for six months. Wow...I've been in China for half a year now and I only have four more to go.

It's definitely hard because at this point, I somewhat feel ready to leave. There's a part of me saying "I'm done with living the China-life...let's hit the real world now" but then another part of me is saying "Hey now, this is a lifetime oppurtunity...four more months, it will pass by quicker than you think, enjoy it while you can".

A lot of this feeling has to do with missing people back home but then again because school life is quite uneventful and boring. At this point in time, it's like I am already used to China, nothing I see now seems as significant as it probably did three months ago. A lot of the things I noticed came to a shock at first, seeing all the negatives, then seeing them as positives...and then it's like this culture shock gets put back into reverse again because I've noticed that at the 6 month point, you start seeing some negatives again and start to compare with the things back home. It's not that I make a big deal out of it, more like...seeing the difference from China and the U.S. Though yeah...the feeling of home grows stronger as the days go on...

I'm also preparing to take the HSK which is a Chinese proficiency test (I will be taking it in about a month) so for now, I have a lot of things to do and to keep myself busy.

Have a nice day everyone! & I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines Day :)



  1. dont worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright!
    jah mon! HAHA

    :) youll be home soon enough haha

  2. Wow, very interesting. I think most people have similar feelings when they live abroad. I know I did. They often say there are phases of adjustment.
    -Honeymoon (everything is interesting and new)
    -Anger (thinking about how things are so stupid),
    -Understanding (you can understand and not be angered by difference, maybe even laugh at them) and finally.
    -Acceptance (where you feel comfortable).

    Sometimes these even go in cycles, at least that happened to me....

    Check out this blog I came across

    Stay strong and enjoy the rest of your experience (DW)

  3. Wow! Your post is so deep and profound this time, I like the change in tone :D I hope that you can make it through these few months without too much trouble, though do try and soak up as much as you can.
    and aahhhhhh good luck! I just know you're going to do amazing babe.

    I love you and miss you and think you should definitely come back to hk! hehselhaeghseahreheeuhse.
    decode the message :D <3