Friday, August 26, 2011


Delicious Restaurant!

At the Lake!

"I'm on a boat"..In China

Violet and I (:

It is supposed to bring good fortune!
At around 11:30 AM, my host sister Violet and I decided to head out! We took bus # 33 to get to and from our destinations. Today Violet took me to 玄武湖和湖南路! Which translated is Xuan Wu Lake and Hu Nan Road. Both places were very interesting, Hu Nan Road was a road with many little restaurants. There was all sorts of different unique foods, some of which I've never seen before. Apparently Nanjing is famous for their duck soup...(I personally, am not a "duck" fan so I tend to avoid eating that o_O).

Violet and I had lunch at Hu Nan Road. We ate at a restaurant whose specialty was "Bao Zi" which is steamed buns with meat inside. It was delicious!!  Afterwards we walked over to Xuan Wu Lake. Xuan Wu Lake was very nice too, it was a different kind of "beautiful" than what I was used to. There were many flowers and greenery. While at the Lake, Violet and I went on a little boat that moved by pedals! That was interesting too!

That evening my host mother and I went out for a walk (after dinner) around a lake near our house and then stopped by the supermarket on our way home. The walk was very nice because I think it gave us some time to talk. It was funny because since her English isn't all that well, we try very hard to communicate to each other in Chinese. I understand what she says for the most part, which is a step!

Oh btw! Violet always has night classes and her dad works late so that's why my host mom and I get some time together! As you guys have heard the stereotype "Chinese kids study a lot" Well..its true!

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