Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The First Day of school!

My classroom!

Opening Assembly

The balloons!!

School Schedule

Louis Vuitton Wallet!

Overall it was a pretty good day but by the end of it, I just couldn’t keep it together...

I woke up at 6:30 AM and got ready to go to school, but I didn't eat much because I was nervous. Mainly nervous because I’m going to a public Chinese school and also because I was going to be the only foreigner. Anyways, we got to the school and it was still pretty empty. Violet showed me around the school and I got to see where my class would be and where I would take my private Chinese classes. My schedule was like: for the first half of the day, I was going to take regular classes with all of the Chinese students. Then after lunch I would have a one on one Chinese tutor.

Then Violet and I met up with Ms. Yu (the woman that came to my birthday dinner) and we were basically walking around the school looking for other teachers because I had to get my uniform, books, and some cards ready (bus cards, lunch cards). After they finished showing me around and looking for teachers we had some time to spare. Violet had to go to her class so Ms. Yu took me to this computer area where there were big desks and computers. She told me that this area was for teachers only but she told me that the computer and desk at the very back of the room was for me! It was exciting to know that I had my own area to study and surf the internet! She also told me not to let anyone in this room except for my host sister, Violet. I felt like a VIP! Lol :P

Afterwards I was on the computer for a little while and at around 10:20 AM three girls from my class came in and said “Hello” and they told me that it was time for class! I got up and went to class. It was cool how the teacher introduced me as I walked in, and everyone was clapping for me. Then my teacher told me to introduce myself in Chinese. I got nervous but I did it! Btw. Chinese classes are around 50 students per class...pretty big!

The day was long…a lot of the Chinese were shy towards me but I knew they were pointing and looking at me (not in a bad way though!). Little do they know that I understand Chinese quite well :P 

At lunch time I met up with Violet and her two friends. Her friends were really nice, and we all went out for lunch in Xin Jie Kou. There we ate KFC and went to “fashion lady” to go buy me a new wallet! The reason why we were able to go out was because we had three hours to spare.

After lunch and shopping, we came back to the school and we had a big assembly outside. It was blazing hot outside! I didn't understand much of what they were saying…but at the end of the assembly they let go a bunch of balloons in the sky which I thought was really cool and they shot some colored powder? I don't exactly know what it was but they shot something in the air which was also pretty cool :P

Anyways, at the end of the day I just felt so overwhelmed with everything. It was so hard because a lot of people would try to talk to me and I would have to think really hard about what they were saying and I would get really frustrated because I either didn't know what they were saying or I didn't know how to say certain things (of course I didn't show my frustration). It’s all just tough for now, I know its only the first day and I tell myself it will get better…and I know it will. But for now, it just all seems so crazy. Like…too much to inhale.   

I know it will get better.
Its only the beginning.  


  1. AHH HOLEY MOLEY I CAN POST COMMENTS! Im glad your first day of school sounded alright! :D And cool VIP room :p dude your assembly's are so boss compared to ours -_- LOL i wish we had super cool balloons and stuff! Must have been fun haha I SEE YOUR GUYSES UNIFORMS! cute :p O! and CUTE WALLET! :D your lucky u get so long like 3 hours, and you get to go off campus! :D i get to school an hour and 15 min early and sleep LOL How do u get around to like Fashion Lady and stuff? YOUR SCHEDULE IS SO FOREIGN! (naturally) HAHA WHAT WERE THEY SAYING?!?! :D (since you said they don't know that you can understand them) btw its a good thing u can understand!! and YES u will get better! :D it sounds like a pretty cool place to be thou. i cant believe it! YOUR ACTUALLY DOING IT! it still didn't hit me but reading these blogs and seeing these picts still mind blow me.. o.0 im still in denial that your gone "/ <3 is it like loud n stuff in a big class? cause ik if we had classes of 50 people would be going CRAZAYYY (haha toward the end of this comment i gave up writing correct..)

  2. (btw i made my own blog "just for emma"..just for i can comment this stuff TEEHEE :D :D o and btw this is shawny.. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

  3. oh btw. KFC! im tellin Mr.Chance that

  4. Hi Emma this is Nick, just letting you know that I am reading your posts and loving your style of writing! Have fun and remember to smile! you'll do fine! It seems like your having a nice time so far, remember the anxiety will wear off in a few weeks so tough it OUT haha (: i'll be checking this often so post more haha im interested to read about your adventures! okay bye for now! talk to you soon!

  5. just4emma: Wow! I seriously love you for making a blog just so you can comment my posts! hahah Oh yeah....Love the uniform! We took a taxi to the underground train station then from there we took the train to fashion lady, then back :) Yes! I wish you could be here to experience all of this with me! No no not loud at all! The kids are all well everyone is super quiet, when the teachers leave the students chat amongst each other...its really...different. Yeah seriously a class in Hawaii with 50 students would be sooo crazy! WHAT'S CHANCE'S EMAIL?!

    thefistofit: haha thanks! I definitley will! Today was better. So i'm hoping it gets better and better each day, which i'm sure it will!

  6. emm: i love how u dont refer to me by my name, as thou you have no idea WHO I IS!!! "hello random just4emma person who idk hu reads my blog" LMAOOO <3 <3 HAHHAAHHA uniform makes life easy thou :) im sure u look cute in it :p (no sarcasm)

    BRAH! <-- lol thats like so much to do just to get places!!!! its btter than riding a bike thou :p

    LOL what?! they are QUIET!!?! thats sooo different.. i would be the loud distracting stupid crazy rebel if i was u o.o

    I TOLD CHANCE THAT U HAVE KFC and he just walked away HAHAHA
    idk his email but i just emailed him thru edline asking for it (edline no longer tells u the teachers email...)