Thursday, September 1, 2011

Second Day!

So today I was a little bit more familiar with the school so Violet and I walked into school together but parted our ways when we got to our classrooms because I'm in classroom 8 and she's in 1. The first half of the day was tough because it was all in chinese. I had classes such as Chinese (Aincient history), Math, Geography, and two English classes..which of course, were easy for me! All of the classes were kind of a blur because all of the students were contributing and they were speaking fast...well fast for me to interpret!
In between the second period all of the students went down to the field for some "morning exercises". Everyone stood outside and did this whole dance/exercise and i was in the front and i couldnt keep was quite embarassingg and It was a little weird..or maybe "different" is a better word. At around the fourth period there was a break for all of us to have "eye exercsises" which was...."interesting"!
At lunch time, I met up with Violet and her friend and we went to the was very crowded! After lunch Violet dropped me off to my teacher/tutor for Chinese and we studied for maybe 30 minutes until he had to leave. Since I ended at around 3 I had two hours to spare because all of the Chinese students end class at  5:04. Which is so late compared to America! But apparently they used to end at 5:45! Man, I don't know how they can handle so much school and studying because even after school they have night classes untill 9:30! Non-stop I tell ya...The reason why i'm still stuck here is because the school that I attend is newly located and not that many buses come over I have to wait for my host sister. I'm sure I'll find some things to do eventually as time goes on!


  1. HABLABLA! (not a typo i actually meant to say that) im glad your second day went well :) school sounds so interesting, yet it sounds like a long day! i just got home (its 7:00) cause i had AR practice -_- and im like.. grumpy and dead LOL

    u know how teachers here say that all our history about america is in the point of view of an american so its gonna be biased? I wonder if the chinese biased version of any USA/China wars is very different O.O (was that confusing for u? HAHA )

    TEHE ENGLISH CLASS?! hahaha so cruise "spell cat" *emma spells C-A-T* :p MORNING EXERCISES (btw idk how to spell exercises so i had to copy how u spelt it up there LOLOLOL) that sounds funny, like zumba. is it like chinese-afied zumba? SOUNDS FUN! HAHA wed be goofing off n laughing so hard if i was next to u doing that.

    EYE EXCERCISES?! <-- (thats how i have always spelt it) that sounds very.. yea interesting.. what do u do o.0 is it hard since you have contacts? :p

    IS THE FOOD GOOD!? at lunch they served this new shoyu pork..and literally 95% of the meat was fat..i was pissed cause i payed 6$ for a plate of rice, chunks of aminal fat, and fatty drenched salad. so i hope your having better luck :p is tutoring easy? or you gotta learn everything fast?

    anyways sorry for the LONE comments! HAHA hopefully it will give you some thing to read in the couple hours that your waiting for violet to end school :0) <3 <3 TEHE

  2. WOW COOL sounds like your getting your bearings!!! :D did u use an abacus to do math?!?! hehehe

  3. eye exercises, well well that sounds interesting haha u gotta tell me what you guys did for that LOL. sounds like you had an interesting day, schools there are so different then over here, thats probably why they are so much smarter haha. I bet you when you come back your going to be some super genius or something. we have to vc soon its been so ling since ive seen your face :(
    -kianna. M