Saturday, September 3, 2011


Okay, I know this may sound silly but I feel so accomplished right now!

So last night, I took the public bus home alone at around 7:00 PM. Though it sounds early, it was really dark outside so it was a little bit scary but I was able to get home saftley! Crossing the streets are dangerous because seriously, driving here is absolutley crazy! If these drivers were in America right now, all of them would be in jail! Not even kidding!

Today I was able to meet up with Anna, my friend from Germany who is also part of AFS! I was so happy that I got to see her. It was nice to be able to meet someone who could relate to everything that I was going through. Anyways the MAIN reason as to why I feel so accomplished is because I took Chinese Public transportation alone today! To go there AND back!

I took the bus from my house to Xin Jie Kou, and I took Anna to Fashion lady "Lai Di". We decided to meet at Mcdonalds because it was easy to find for the both of us. Once I got off the bus, I walked about 10 minutes to Xin Jie Kou. We went shopping in Lai Di and then got lost several times in it! It was funny because we kept passing this one tacky shop so many times! Then we decided to go get lunch in the underground. Lai Di is an underground mall, so we went into the train station area and then walked around a while to find a foodcourt that I went to with Violet and her friends before. We finally gave up looking so I asked the lady where it was and turns out that we were right near it! For lunch we had korean food! We decided we wanted a change for once! It was good.

After lunch Anna and I decided that we were bored of Lai Di and we went to "Aqua City" where they have stores from everywhere like: H&M, ZARA, Uni Clo, Coldstone...etc. We were debating whether to take a taxi or a bus but I told her that if we take the bus I'm sure I know where to get off so we took the bus! Good thing it took us to where we wanted! When we got to Aqua City we went into a bunch of stores but I ended up buying something from H&M (Oh how I've missed you H&M!)

^ Translated: And then, we went to starbucks!
We decided to have a little snack: Cake and Perrier!
I had cheescake and she had chocolate cake! It was nice to just sit down and relax for a couple minutes!

After starbucks we decided to go home and so we said goodbye at Aqua City. She took a taxi home and I took the public bus. It was about a 10 minute walk to the station but I was glad that I made it there perfectley without getting lost!

Soo this is basically my day today! It was a great day! :)
Korean Lunch!

Anna and I (:

3 O'clock starbucks snack :)


  1. Hey, you should feel accomplished. You traveled all by yourself in an unfamiliar country. Fantastic. It sounded like a fun day. Hooray for you.

  2. Hahaha your adorbs, Glad your finding your way!