Sunday, September 4, 2011

今天我们去葡萄园 !

One of the stations

Beautiful :)

Huge delicious grapes!!

The basket where we put all of the grapes in

Cutting the grape(:

My host family and I!!
Today we went to the "Pu Tao Yuan/葡萄园" Which is a grape garden where we could pick grapes! It was located in what was considered the country side of Nanjing. The country side was a lot different ot what I was used to. There were little houses, kind of like a village where people lived. 

Driving up the road was scary because the road was so narrow yet there were so many other cars and people. 

The way the grape picking worked was that there were many people who own a certain area of land where they sell their own grapes. They each have their own station where you can taste their grapes and if you like the taste then you can go pick out their grapes. For example, we were looking for sweet grapes so we found the station with the sweetest grapes. Once we found the station, a woman from the station took her bike and took us to the area where they were planting their grapes and helped us choose a bunch.

It was cool to see how the grapes were planted, there was a net around and above the plants so that birds and bugs would stay away. The grapes were packed away in little white bags and we were able to open the bags and try the grapes to see if they were the batch we wanted to get. We ended up buying a bunch of grapes! It was really fun because it was the whole family and I felt like it was bonding time aswell.

The grapes were delicious! A lot different than the grapes in America. The grapes here a huge! Sometimes they have seeds and sometimes they don't. Also we peel the outside of the grape off before we eat it. Its really good!

After picking our grapes we headed to eat lunch in the countryside...honestly I didn't eat so much because I didn't like the food :\ But i tried everything! 

When we finished lunch we left the country side and I went to run a couple errands with with host dad, Shushu (Uncle). I went to the stationary store and to walmart to buy some things that were necessary for school and everyday life! He wanted me to lead the way to each bus stop and location to see how much I know Nanjing :P I got lost a couple times but at least I could find all the bus stops! 


  1. Hi Emmma,
    I enjoy reading your blog!!

    I love the photos too.


  2. WHAAAT I WANA PICK GRAPES, oh btw i like the massive basket.

  3. hah dudes ive been eating grapes for the past 2 days! haha they are so yummy and run to throw in the ayer and catch in your mouth. remember that one time we went to wallie world to buy grapes?!? HAHA oh and nice shades in your picture! HAHA i remember those :p ;) I MISS U xoxo.