Sunday, September 11, 2011

craziest day so far!

Omg. Today was definitley crazy... it was unexpected and just full of adventure!

Hawk and I met up today at 1:30 by the front gate of our community, of course us being teenagers we decided to wing our plans.

"Soooo what should we do today?" -me
"Hmm....I don't know..."- Hawk
"Lets catch the 33!" -me

Thats how our whole day started. We just went ahead and planned to go to 1912. 1912 is a very famous road in Nanjing, better known for their nightlife but since its famous we decided to go there but we kind of got lost....really lost. So what happened was that we didn't get off the bus at the right stop so we kept going and every time we had an oppurtunity to get off we passed because it was kind of a strange area with not many people. Finally around 40 minutes of being on the bus we got to Hu Nan Lu (where I went on the third or fourth day of being in China). We walked down the road and got some food, Hawk got a sugar covered fruit (on a stick) and I got Tu Du (which means potato..which was also on a stick :P). Anyways after we got our food we headed over to a mall but I wasn't in much of a shopping mood. The funniest part of being at the mall was when I asked a security guy where the "apple store" was and he gave me directions to the supermarket...for apples....It was the funniest thing ever.

After the mall, we headed to the bus stop in a different direction and on the way there, of course a car almost hits us...(just kidding but it was really close to us) and Hawk and I totally freaked out, me backing out of the way and Hawk pulling my shirt to get to the other! While walking towards the bus stop we headed into a fish store, antique store and a music store, all for the heck of it since we were already so lost! It was good that we had each other though because it was very reassuring.

As soon as we found the bus and got on we didn't know where we were heading. We didn't know where 1912 was or where to get off to get there. So we were asking around and a lot of people on the bus were really helpful. We ended up getting off at Aqua City and taking a cab from Aqua City to 1912. Luckily the taxi driver knew where it was and we got there safely. Once we got to 1912 we headed to DQ for a blizzard! It was so good...! After that, we walked around 1912 but it was really empty and a little boring but apparently it gets really loud and crowded at night!

After looking around 1912 we decided to head home...getting home was probably the hardest part. First of all, we couldn't find any available taxis. Oh, and not to mention when we did they would all reject us. I have yet to figure out "why" they did or would do that. Thanks to the rejection, it took us an hour and fourty minutes to get a taxi and get home...such a long day!

Today was just so crazy, getting lost in the big city and not having a clue as to where we were. Luckily we got home safe and sound! :)

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  1. HOLEY MOLEY! dudeeeeee im glad u got home safe too! BE MORE ASN AND MAKE PLANS :p LMAOO you make me worried :( the most of my worries is sitting here at the computer for an hour and a half trynna figure out how to make a header on my engrish essay :( needless to say, i need u now LMAO and WHY DO U GUYS GET COOL STUFF ON STICKS!? :( poop