Tuesday, October 11, 2011

紫金山!Purple Mountain

Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean translation!

On October 7th my host-dad and I went to Purple Mountain! and no...It was not "purple" :P

Zi Jin Mountain has many different tourist areas that people can visit. Actually there are so many that they say that its hard to go to every place in one day. There's hiking and also a tramline!

The most visited sites are:
-Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum
  Which Is where I went with my host dad. It is the most popular and tons and tons of people go there every day. This is the resting place of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the leader of the 1911 revolution!
- Ming Dynasty emperor Tomb
- The tomb of Sun Quan

The description!

The start

There were a bunch of little shops that had little random things, they would get buyers to buy their product (or to get the us to want to slightly consider buying their product) by saying that it truely is the best and the buyer won't regret it...hahah :P There were many shops like these that were selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs, and food! 
Some sites cost money so many people say it is worth buying a pass to visit different parks in the mountains.

While climbing up the stairs my host-dad and I bumped into his cousin and her husband and son. Her son is an 8th grader and we all talked and ended up climbing up together! He told me a lot of the historical events with every statue or characters written on the temples. A long time ago they read from right to left but now they read from left to right!

Seeing a foreigner carrying his iPad and taking pictures with it just made my day!




  1. Did you know that Sun Yat-Sen studied in Hawaii when he was a teenager? He went to Iolani and Punahou and had a strong connection to Hawaii. http://www.iolani.org/about/history/dr-sun-yat-sen

  2. IM SO DISAPPOINTED THAT THE MOUNTAIN ISNT PURPLE! WAY TO CRUSH MY HOPES AND HAPPYNESS! YOUR THE REASON WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS :p TEEHEEHEE <3 no but seriously.. my life's goal/dream is to see a purple mountain.. betcha ten ducks thats gona be in disneyland..

    these statues and stuff is so cool.. were learning about these kinds of things in visual arts history :p

    YAY MAN IN ORANGE! LIKE A BOSS! did you see any arizonas? o.o :p