Saturday, October 15, 2011


The reason why this post is titled "School #2" is because my school has two different locations...I was at the new location at first but transferred to the old one last monday...

Long story short, the Chinese program in the other school was better for me, which is why I switched schools. At first I felt sad because I was leaving all of the friends that I made but going to the school that I am in now isn't bad at all! Actually, all of the kids were so welcoming and they are all so excited to have a foreigner in the class!

On the first day of school, it was like starting all over again but I was up for it firstly because it was what I thought had to be done but secondly because I find meeting other people very fun and exciting. When I walked into the classroom the whole class started to clap and said "Whoa!!!!" I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Everyone surrounded me like I was some famous person and was asking me all kinds of questions! When class started everyone a whispering to try to ask me questions and it was pretty hectic! I'm not exaggerating here, I promise. Well they told me that on Friday the class was going to put together a "Welcoming" for me so I was pretty excited about that too!

Right now, I'm pretty happy with the new school location, and not to mention it is so much more convinient to get into town and back home...15 minutes max!

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  1. ahh thats good for you :)
    "woahh" HAHAHA that made me laugh :p
    gosh it sounds like so much fun!
    btw yesterday a boy next to me told his friend "oh golly"..
    my face ----> O.O
    what i was thinking ---> "ohhhhkay....??"
    my reaction 2 seconds after---> BUUAHAHAHA
    the look people gave me ----> O.o
    the look i gave them back ---> *daggers*
    what i was thinking -----> WUT BOY!!?? GOT PROBLEM!?