Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy Busy BUSSYYYYY!!!!

Monday 23rd:
Chinese New Year’s lunch!

On Monday Tasha and I slept in until around 10:30 AM and we got up and got ready to head over to her Uncle’s house for a Chinese New Year’s lunch with a lot of members of her family on her mom’s side. We got ready and wore nice dresses and headed over to her Uncle’s house at around 12. I met a lot of her family and they were all so friendly! Tasha and I even had a talk with her Uncle about college and Psychology (as Tasha and I are both interested in this field). The family members also gave me more Lai See packets! It was exciting because this was the first time when I was actually given so many Lai See packets! The food was also good, a bunch of Chinese food! After the lunch was over we headed back to Tasha’s house and went to go buy some ingredients at the supermarket for some cheesecake! We got into our cooking mode by changing clothes and putting our hair up. Our cheesecake came out pretty well and since it is my favorite cake it tasted amazing! In mainland China, they don’t have any ovens…so you can’t bake cookies, brownies or cake! The rest of the day was laid back and we just ate, watched movies and ate some more…haha living a carefree day I suppose.

Making white chocolate blueberry cheescake! With the laptop for the recipe and some good music!

Making the crust

Tuesday 24th:
Time to hit Central (:

Today was time to shop! I spent most of my Lai See money in Central. Central is the business district of Hong Kong and is also the Western District. When in Central, it is guaranteed that you will bump into somebody you know, especially because many foreigners hang out in this area. Tasha and I took the “mini bus” to one of the big malls first, IFC. Going on the mini bus reminded me of old times and the bus route became familiar to me again. When we got to IFC we headed to Zara, ALDO, Steve Madden and an accessories store. After we finished up in IFC we went to get lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. All of the restaurants that we went to while in HK were the ones that I wanted to go to because they know I can’t get a lot of this in Nanjing.
Inside IFC mall


There is always a big line in front of this Vietnamese restaurant and is very busy. When I used to live in HK this restaurant was very busy too! It’s good to see it still running well after four years. The food was very great! Since I missed the dish, “Pho” I was happy to be eating it again.  
Line into the restaurant! It got bigger after a while too...

After lunch we shopped around Central. We went to H&M, Marks & Spencers, Cotton On, Sasa and Maple.  These don’t seem like a lot of stores but we spent quite a lot time in each of them and by the time we finished it was time for dinner! We took the MTR (train) to a place called “Pacific Place” to have some Italian food! This place was quite busy also and tasted good too (: I was so happy I got to have two of my favorite types of food in one day: Vietnamese and Italian!

Marks & Spencers

H&M, Crocs

When we finally finished dinner it was also 10 PM so we took the MTR back to Central where we caught the mini bus back home.

The days are going by way too fast! 


  1. OMG WOMAN U SLEPT IN?! haha waste of time! nahhh i getcha ;) some times we need that sleep..

    and OH MY GOD all that food sounds/looks SO GOOD! im totally j o.o

    dude those malls and everything looks so unreal!! i cant imagine what it would b like to b in china during chinese new years!

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  3. AS;DKF ;ALKD YAYYY! First hk blog post uploaaddeeeddd! Hoping this is the first of many? :p
    i looove you sl*ggggg! x