Thursday, January 19, 2012



I just got over my cold! I was sick on the last three days of my trip in Yunnan and finally recovered today...a week of being sick was definitely not what I wanted nor was it fun at all, BUT now that that's over I am focusing on a couple of things:

- Packing for my trip to Hong Kong on Saturday (2 MORE DAYS!!!!)
- Packing the rest of my things for my move! (Changing to host family numero dos!)

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about going to Hong Kong! I will be spending Chinese New Year there and i'll get to spend a week with my best friend from way back in 6th grade, ever since I moved away from HK to Hawaii we have always kept in touch, nearly seven years of friendship and I haven't seen this girl in four years! I am really looking forward to seeing her and being in Hong Kong once again! STOKED!

Another thing that I have to prepare is MOVING! I mentioned a very very long time ago in older posts that I have two families within my year in China, and it has already hit 5 months! Wow...I'm already halfway through my experience in China. It has gone way too fast! It honestly doesn't feel like I have been in China for five months but since it has already hit five months, I have to change families on Feb 2nd! I'm a little nervous but mostly excited to move to my second host-family because they seem very nice and inviting (I have met my other host sister already and she seems very friendly...very different than my current host sister and it seems that my new host sister and I will have more in common...but I will see!).

Changing families means packing all of my things and saying goodbye to my current family. Packing doesn't seem like a hard task anymore mainly because I travel a lot of I'm used to packing now that I've done it repetitively, and to be honest it's kind of fun. Gathering my things is a little sad though because I'm leaving this household, but my host family said I can come over anytime and eat food or just to talk so I'm glad they will still be there for me if I have any problems :)

The main thing I'm doing now is just packing for my trip on Saturday...when I get back from my trip, that's when I have to organize all of my things and get ready to move out.

- Going to HK: VERY excited!!!
- Changing Families: hmm....Sad to leave but excited for what is now to come my way! All I know is that moving will be another new oppurtunity and experience that will go by very fast!


  1. HAHA ohmygawdddd your going everywhereee! haha! yea u must be a packing pro now, like kianna on the maui trip lol and and imm stuck here trynna inhale the air out of ziplock bags to squish my clothes smaller HAHA

    your gona have loads of fun in hong kong!!! Tash is prob super super excited too and its gona be a huge huge huge reunion :p tell us all about it wen u get back!!!! haha EVERY SINGLE DETAIL

    Merr im sure your new host family will be just as great as your current one :) and its good that youll have more in common with your new host sister too! haha hows life with no brothers for now? :p and hows having sisters!!?? anything in particular u wana do differently in your new host family, or anything in particular ur looking forward to doing in hong kong the most? do u have all your days planned out already?

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