Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catch-up time!

I appologize to all my readers that I haven't updated recently but this is a little bit of what I have been up to!

 A couple days ago, my family and I had Chinese hot-pot at home! Basically there is a set taste for the soup. The pot is put onto an electric stove and you just put a bunch of different vegetables inside! We all had our own bowls and picked out our own food from the pot and ate until we couldn't eat anymore! It is quite spicy but very tasty!

 On New Years Eve, Giulia and I went out to dinner at Aqua City and then headed over to the Confucious Temple. At Aqua City we went to eat Japanese food at "Ajisen". We had "ramen", which is Japanese noodles, fried-dumplings (in the photo above), Karage (Fried Chicken) and Cheese-Pork! It was very delicious! We also wanted some desert  but we were too full to consume any more!
Giulia and I at Aqua City after dinner!

The Confucious Temple at night

 Yesterday, my host family and I made some Chinese dumplings together! They had some garlic chives and meat as the filling of the dumplings.
Step 1: Get the skin of the dumpling
Step 2: Use chopsticks and get the filling (Not too much or the dumpling won't close nicely)
Step 3: Dip your pointer-finger in a bowl of water and wet the circumference of the dumpling skin
Step 4: Fold the dumpling in half and pich the sides together

TA-DA! There is your dumpling!

Garlic Chives + Meat mixture for the filling of the dumplings

Violet made some too!

All finished! Time to eat!

I made those!
 Interesting observation of the day......

These are seats...well more like a bench! It was placed in the entrance to the bathrooms. At first I thought they were really disgusting old toilets and I was pretty grossed out. But then when I came out, I realized it was a bench because I came across somebody sitting on it.....It was very strange...hahahah


  1. WOAH WOAH WOAH! those toilets look like the ones i had in preschool! and i was only allowed 3 squares of toilet paper per bathroom visit.. -_- which was rediculous cause Lord knows when a preschooler takes a dump, he/she needs way more than 3 squares of skimpy thin paper to wipe its butt!! ahh that food looks ono O.0 i want... <3 meeep

  2. DUDE you went to Ajisen? i love that place the Unagi fried rice over there is the bomb

  3. Glad you felt well enough to write. Hope your feeling a lot perkier. Yunan Province looks beautiful...I thought the cockeroaches on a stick on Beijing didn't look like anything I might eat....but a maggot....you are sure brave!By the way when I was a little girl chicken feet were quite a common ingredient in chicken soup...though not the head. Grandma